“Real Life Lawn Care” Series: What is Crabgrass and How Do You Stop it?


This post is the first installment in our “Real Life Lawn Care” series of posts, which will discuss various and insidious weeds that grow in the Washington DC metro area, as well as other lawn care tips. What is Crabgrass? Let’s start with the facts: Crabgrass is a warm-season annual grassy weed. Being an annual, it completes…

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Why Good Lawns are Good for the Environment

good lawn good environment

Unfortunately, lawns sometimes get a bad reputation. Often, lawns are seen as “bad” because homeowners tend to overdo lawn care and the natural environmental benefits of lawns remain unspoken. In reality, a properly maintained lawn can actually be good for the environment. Let’s pull back the curtain to share these facts: A healthy lawn can…

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Consider the Facts about Turfgrass


These days, it seems fashionable to deride maintained turfgrass as detrimental to the environment and bad for the people and animals who use it. It’s a fascinating, yet disturbing, changed view of a plant species that offers us safe areas to walk on, play games and sports on, picnic on and use in many ways…

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