Consider the Facts about Turfgrass


These days, it seems fashionable to deride maintained turfgrass as detrimental to the environment and bad for the people and animals who use it. It’s a fascinating, yet disturbing, changed view of a plant species that offers us safe areas to walk on, play games and sports on, picnic on and use in many ways…

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The Holiday Season is Almost Upon Us

Holiday season- Thanksgiving Table

Let’s Talk Leaves – Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees with the exception of some oaks, pears, and a few others. Continue to remove leaves from your lawn at least once a week. Remember that leaves are truly a natural resource and they make excellent compost or mulch for your garden beds….

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Maryland’s New Lawn Fertilizer Law

As a homeowner, it’s essential to maintain awareness of new and changing laws that impact your home and your lawn and landscape. Recently, the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) posted important information on its website regarding Maryland’s New Lawn Fertilizer Law, which affects homeowners, lawn care professionals and fertilizer manufacturers and distributors. We’ve extracted some of…

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