Complete Lawn Care Launches New Website

Complete Lawn Care is excited to announce the launch of our new website! Why the change, you ask? Glad you asked. Here are a few important reasons:   Improved content and resources – the new website contains useful and relevant content and a new blog. We’ve also strived to make the navigation clear and concise….

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7 Tips for Winterizing Your Lawn and Landscape

As colder temperatures arrive in Maryland, be sure to give your lawn, landscape and your home’s exterior some love and attention before winter’s dormant period between late November and early March. Here are 7 low-cost winterizing tips that may help protect your surroundings and your investment in your home: Keep your lawn clear of leaves…

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Lawn Repair for Homeowners

In Maryland, many homeowners and local retail businesses view the spring season as prime time for lawn repair. Yet, fall and early winter often provide better growing conditions, due to cooler temperatures, higher moisture and less competition from weeds. These factors can support healthy germination of grass seed and foster a more vigorous root system,…

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