Preparing Your Lawn For Winter Dormancy

Winter dormancy

Most people probably don’t think of late fall/early winter as a prime time for lawn care. However, the health of your lawn deeply depends on your preparation at this time. Before the extreme winter conditions arrive, take the proper steps to prepare your lawn for winter dormancy, so you will welcome a satisfying spring. Schedule…

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Winter Weather Effects on Your Lawn

Winter weather

Winter is right around the corner and the cold is gradually rolling in. As the temperatures drop, maintaining that bright green lawn becomes exceedingly difficult. Since the DC metro area lies in a transition zone, we often experience pretty extreme temperatures on both sides of the thermostat. In other words, we never really know what…

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Maintaining a Healthy Lawn Throughout Fall

maintaining a healthy lawn throughout fall

Temperatures and leaves are dropping in the DC Metro area, which means your lawn will soon go dormant for the winter. Maintaining a healthy lawn throughout fall gives you the best chance for a greener spring. There are several projects to tackle before fall ends to ensure your lawn will endure the coming season. Invest…

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